The Logan County Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that works with private landowners to preserve agricultural and natural lands in Logan County.

Landowners continue to own and manage their land, and can sell or pass it on to their heirs. No matter who owns the land, though, a permanent conservation easement will assure that conservation values remain protected – prime and productive soils, water resources and high quality habitat.

The LCLT is a Certified Local Sponsor of the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP) and the USDA-NRCS Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP). Since 2004 the Trust has sponsored county landowners who make application to the programs. The programs allow landowners to voluntarily sell easements on their farms to the state and USDA. The easement requires the farm remain permanently in agricultural production.


The mission of Logan County Land Trust is to preserve farmland, scenic open space and natural areas to protect the rural character of Logan County; and to foster the long-term sustainability of the agricultural economy and farming as a way of life.

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What We've Achieved

  • Since 2004.

    • Over 2700 acres of land has been preserved for perpetuity in Logan County.  This represents 17 working, family farms across Logan County

    • Over $2,567,668.00 of both State and Federal funding has been utilized to obtain these Agricultural Easements.

    • Most recently the LCLT completed LAEPP program sponsor application with the ODA, and was awarded $320,321 in 2017, $467,076 in 2018 and $442,582 for the 2019 season.

    • There are four pre-approved applicants from the 2017 and 2018 seasons are working their way through the various steps needed for completion.

    • There is one applicant for the 2019 season.