2018 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting was held March 6 @ The Mary Rutan Urgent Care


Directors and Advisors present: Derreck Dillon, Becky Hoffman, Greg Knight, Darin Olson,
Tom Smith, Bob Stoll, Darin Olson, Bill Verbsky, Chris Westhoff, Renee Winner and Louise Dunham.
Dave Gulden, Advisor and George Feltham and Doug Ritchey, Directors were absent. There were 18 guests in
Guests and the LCLT Board enjoyed appetizers and drinks before Chad Ross, a Mary Rutan Hospital representative, talked to the group about the completion of this project and future plans. Chad then led the group on a tour of this new facility.  Bob Stoll, LCLT President, opened the meeting by asking the LCLT Directors to introduce themselves.  Everyone in attendance was asked to introduce themselves and indicate their interest in the LCLT as well. Those
in attendance that were interested in obtaining an easement were reminded that applications need to be filed by January 15, 2019.

Bob Stoll presented a list of the 2017's LCLT activities. The list includes

39 members as of this date.
12 easements totaling 2,500 acres with another 1,000 acres being processed.
Hosting a community educational session about Timber Frame barns in
conjunction with the Logan County Historical Society.
Sponsoring an educational Cover Crop Session at Tom Smith's farm.
Participating in the Logan County Drive It Yourself Tour & giving away trees
Distributing a summer newsletter featuring the Schlumbohm's easements
Presenting information at the local ag commodity banquets
Obtaining a $4,000 Milroy Foundation Grant
Obtaining a Farm Bureau Grant
Hosting a community educational session about Land Use Planning
Continuing to hold educational sessions for LCLT Board members
Sponsoring a Logan County Fair Photo Contest featuring farm life
Creating a new LCLT Display Board

The Nominating Committee consisting of Tom Smith and Greg Knight indicated that there were 4 Directors
up for re-election...Bob Stoll, Renee Winner, Becky Hoffman and Darin Olson. Since both Becky and Darin had
declined nominations for another term, Greg and Tom placed the names of Andrea Dicke and Bruce Smith on the
election ballot. Bill Verbsky moved to elect Bob Stoll, Renee Winner, Andrea Dicke and Bruce Smith as LCLT
Directors. Louise seconded it and these motion was passed with no dissenting votes.
The Nominating Committee also presented this slate of officers for 2018: Bob Stoll, President; Renee
Winner, Vice President; Louise Dunham, Secretary, and Andrea Dicke as Treasurer. Bill moved to elect these
individuals as 2018 officers and Becky seconded it. The motion was passed again with no dissenting votes.
At this time, Bob Stoll presented Darin Olson and Becky Hoffman with gift certificates in appreciation for
their efforts during their time serving on the Board.
After having a brief question and answer session, Tom moved to adjourn the meeting and Darin seconded
it. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.